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Is your heater not blowing cool air? Is your vehicle damp, or are your windows steaming up? Do not worry, you need a Regas, and our Sittingbourne Aircon Specialists will help.

Many individuals think that air conditioning systems are there to just cool the car. In fact, they additionally act as an air sifting system inside your car, expelling bacteria, pollen, and pollutants.

There was a time air conditioning was considered a luxury vehicle feature that many did not have. Be that as it may, a large proportion of vehicles are currently fitted with air conditioning or climate control as a standard vehicle specification.

Like many segments, this part of your vehicle suffers from normal wear and tear. Therefore, support is essential to ensure the continued optimal performance of your air conditioning system and to expel any terrible odor.

Numerous consumers do not understand their vehicle's system ought to be Regased/recharged at least once every 2 years and, as an aircon Regas does not make up some portion of general service if your vehicle is more than two years old, it's conceivably the case that you require an Aircon Regas near you now.

What is an Aircon Regas you may ask. The following paragraphs will explain what a Car Aircon Regas is, why you need it and where to get the best service and offer for your Car Aircon Regas in Sittingbourne.

Aircon regas sittingbourne

What is an Aircon Regas/Recharge?

A simple check of the temperature of the air emitted from a conditioned air intake will tell you if the coolant needs a recharge. Some garages use the term "Regas".

A warm air temperature would propose that the refrigerant is low or old. Manufacturers commonly recommend a recharge regardless of what every couple of years to keep the system running effectively; this includes topping up or refilling the system with new refrigerant. This might be all that is required, but an efficient air conditioning system also needs to be serviced every so often. 

In the event that the refrigerant is replaced but the air conditioning system does not appear to work legitimately, either due to warm air or low system pressure, an Aircon Regas will be required.

Why do you need an Aircon Regas?

Most of the current autos have air conditioning fitted as standard as it is crucial for making the ride in a car comfortable for passengers.

An air conditioning system works by utilizing refrigerant gas to push air through a few segments in the Aircon system and then into your car.

Regardless of whether it’s freezing cold or boiling hot, it’s your air conditioning which makes driving in such conditions bearable, tolerable, so it's essential to take care of the system.

Shockingly, over 10% of Aircon gas escapes through the system every year. This implies the intensity of the system drops significantly over time. In any case, your air conditioning will not be checked amid an MOT or service which is the reason it's significant that you endeavor to have it checked explicitly.

Car manufacturers suggest that autos ought to have their Aircon recharged (Regassed) every two years.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is new, it ought to be something that you have checked as your vehicle's execution could be significantly affected. 

When you realise a drop in the intensity of your aircon you should take the vehicle in for a fix.  On the off chance that there is an unsavory smell being emitted, this is another sign that the air con needs looking at.

What happens during an Aircon Regas?

The job of regassing air conditioning isn't perplexing and won't take long. 

The mechanic will complete a leaks check on the air con system before the repair, to guarantee the job can be carried out without causing harm to the car.

When this is finished, the expert will almost certainly regas the system.

The specialist doing the work will initially expel old refrigerant from your vehicle as well as the current gas and lubricant.

They will now replace it with new gas and lubricants.

The job will likewise regularly incorporate an entire system clean out which is done to remove any bacterial build up.

This is often the reason behind an unusual or undesirable smell being discharged from the air conditioning which is the reason it is imperative to have this job completed every two years.

The entire procedure should take around 45 minutes as there are no new parts required for install.

The air conditioning in your car ought to be noticeably improved after a regas on the off chance that you haven't had one for more than two years.

On the off chance that you need to ensure your air conditioning stays in tip-top condition, make sure to utilize it regularly as this the compressor will remain lubricated.

We have the best competitive air conditioning regas deals for you.

Finding a mechanic you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price in Sittingbourne, is not always easy, but with us, you will get the best car Aircon Regas offers and at a very affordable price.

Our Garage Service Car Aircon Regas offers a comprehensive air-conditioning repair and maintenance service. As a reputable business, based in Sittingbourne, we have been providing Sittingbourne and the Kent area with a professional air-conditioning service for many years.

Our experienced team offers an initial temperature check to see if your aircon system working effectively completely free of charge.

Our Air Conditioning Service Cost - £65 with VAT.

Our Garage Air Conditioning Service includes: 

Comprehensive repair and service

Free check of the air conditioning system

Regas of refrigerant to required levels

Air filters cleaned and replaced 

Compressor repair and removal of any blockages in the condenser

Pre-service air conditioning system performance check.

Ultra Violet Dye Additive - This service involves the utilization of an extraordinary UV dye infused into the system amid the Recharge procedure. This is the most reliable way of determining a leak inside your air conditioning and lightens the requirement for paying excessive labour charges to fault find the system and find any potential leak.

Recover the refrigerant present in the drain or recycling cylinders.

Deep vacuum system and Regas using the correct amount of refrigerant.

Advice on use and future preventative measures for leaks.

Call us for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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