Historical past and Leisure Sittingbourne 1

Living record is everywhere in Sittingbourne, with sailing trips leaving from the Sailing Burst Edith May; a reconstructed Old Forge Wartime Home experience and the famous Sittingbourne Heritage Museum.

Energetic ones can also enjoy a range of sport, leisure and swimming facilities at Swallows leisure centre, while families can enjoy Go Karting at Bayford Meadows and performances at the Avenue Theatre.


Wiith its close proximity to the surrounding countryside that happens to be part of the North Lows Area of Outstanding Natural splendor, Sittingbourne is a great base from where to have your holiday.

Surrounding the town are attractive orchards and farmland, and beautiful villages potted with centuries-old churches. Milton Creek Nation Park is also a fantastic green space from which to take pleasure from an beauty of wildlife, some of which are of nationwide or international importance.

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Arrive and explore sittingbourne

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